Industrial Shed

Industrial sheds for rent in Noida & Gr.Noida regions are the most desirable options as these properties are generally used for Heavy manufacturing units, warehousing of goods etc. Most of the E-commerce and Courier companies like FLIPKART,SNAPDEAL, SAFE EXPRESS, OM LOGISTICS, YAMAHA, HAVELLS, HONDA, L.G etc are having their warehouses/Sheds in this region.  The reasons for attractions in this region are as below :-

  • High speed approach with modern expressways like Noida-Gr.Noida expressway, Yamuna expressway, Eastern peripheral expressway, DND-Flyway & upcoming Delhi-Mumbai corridor.
  • Metro-connectivity in both the cities.
  • Easy availability of skilled and non-skilled labours.
  • Safety & Security is also very good here.
  • Industrial sheds are made as per international standards like standard height, office block, wide entrance, broad roads & Ramps or good space for easy loading and loading of goods.
  • Un-interrupted Water & Electricity supply.
  • High end rented transport services.
  • Rentals of the properties are very lucrative as compare to these amenities.

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